Jazz Guidelines

New York Youth Symphony Jazz Band is a 17-member brass-wind-and-percussion ensemble dedicated to studying, rehearsing, and performing classic big band jazz music. Modeled on the bands of the 1930s and 1940s, the Jazz program preserves this heritage and, keeping with jazz traditions, incorporates it into the current and emerging styles that define the genre for the present generation.

The New York Youth Symphony’s Jazz Band values professional responsibility and musical excellence. While some absences may be unavoidable, it is expected that each player has made a commitment to attend all scheduled rehearsals as absences affect the entire ensemble due to the small size of the ensemble.
Rehearsals start promptly at the time indicated on the schedule. Musicians must be warmed up and in place 15 minutes prior to the start of the rehearsal.
Rehearsals will be held at The DiMenna Center for Classical Music, located at 450 West 37th Street. There may be heavy traffic due to the proximity to the Lincoln Tunnel and the Javits Center so please plan your travel time accordingly. Being late to rehearsal due to traffic or not being able to secure parking is not an acceptable reason for lateness.
Discounted parking is available at Access 37 Parking on West 37th Street and 9th Avenue. Up to 12 hours of parking is available for only $20. To take advantage of this discount, present your parking ticket at the lobby desk as you enter the DiMenna Center to receive a validation stamp for your ticket. This discount is available when the Special Event rate is in effect.

If you are absent from a rehearsal you are required to find a comparable substitute musician for the rehearsal. More than three absences within a single concert period results in dismissal. More than eight absences throughout the season will result in dismissal. Absence from any mandatory rehearsal (as marked on the schedule in bold) will result in dismissal.

If missing a rehearsal, students are required to notify the Band Manager via email at jazz@nyys.org at least three days in advance of the rehearsal with the name of their replacement for the rehearsal. In the case of unexpected absences, musicians must contact via email the Program Assistant within 24 hours following the absence in order to confirm future participation in the program.

Partial absences will be deducted as follows:
Late arrival or early departure up to 15 minutes: ¼ absence
Late arrival or early departure up to 30 minutes: ½ absence
More than 30 minutes missed of rehearsal: Full absence
Arriving late to a concert or dress rehearsal without prior approval of the Program Assistant will count as an absence from the following concert cycle.

Men must wear black collared shirts, black pants, and black jackets. Women may wear black pants or long black skirts with black dress shirts, or black dresses. All students should wear black socks or hose/stockings and black shoes. For less formal concerts, including the Garage and PSAs, students are not required to wear jackets. Students should not wear shirts or jackets with any patterns, designs or writing. If you have any questions about the dress code, please ask the Band Manager.

This season the Jazz Band will take its first ever tour from March 17-24, 2016. The band will head to Brazil with performances in São Paulo and Guarujá. Details will be distributed separately to all students.


Each year the Director recognizes a musician at the season’s final performance for his or her dedication and advancement to the program.
2014/15 Director’s Award Recipient:
Michael Bliss, tenor saxophone

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