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Audition Info

Audition Info

Mock Audition Bootcamp

Thank you for your interest in the Mock Audition Bootcamp! At this time the bootcamp is at full capacity and applications are closed.

New York Youth Symphony is pleased to partner with Cory Lee of the Liberated Performer to offer a mock audition bootcamp to help students prepare for their upcoming NYYS orchestra and/or chamber music auditions. The workshop will provide an opportunity for students to perform their excerpts, chamber, and solo repertoire in the space where the auditions take place, not once, but twice. They will receive feedback from professional musicians and performance coaching from Cory Lee. Participation in the bootcamp does not guarantee entrance into the NYYS. 

Please sign up for 2 slots:
-one 10 minute slot on Aug 18 for your initial mock audition 
-one 15 minute slot on Aug 21 for your final mock audition 


If you cannot make the bootcamp in person, you may also submit a video by August 18th and receive feedback by August 21st. Share a 10-minute video via dropbox, google drive, or we transfer with