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Careers In The Arts

careers in the arts

Welcome to the NYYS Careers in the Arts Portal! 

During the pandemic with the arts shutdown, many students chose a more traditional college path or life pursuit. Moreover, we found that many students do not have an understanding of how the arts world functions. What department does what; how a media organization may work with an arts organization; and, how foundations and governmental agencies help organizations, etc.

Here you will find arts professionals from across the spectrum sharing an overview of their role at their organization(s), and how that role fits within the ecosystem of the arts community. Each speaker’s full bio will be included in the description below their video, to provide further context. From box office reps to executive directors, and from orchestras, to theaters, foundations, artist managers, and more, we hope that with each speaker, students will gain a larger view of our community, and perhaps be inspired to pursue a career in the arts.