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2019/2020 Season

Festival Evening | Chamber Music

Tuesday, April 30, 2019
7:30 pm9:30 pm
Scandinavia House
Festival Evening | Chamber Music

Tickets: $30 | Purchase here.
Led by director Dr. Lisa Tipton, the NYYS Chamber Music program offers young musicians an opportunity to explore the often complex dialogue between instruments as a metaphor for learning skills that emphasize open communication, harmony, and compromise.

This concert includes performances of Beethoven, Mozart, Arensky, Schumann, Shostakovich, Mahler, and more by the following chamber music groups:
• Artemis Quartet: Laura Tillack, violin, Zoe Buff, violin, Abhinav Khandrika, viola, Max Milian, cello
• Double Stop Quartet: Christian Wong, violin, Aidan Resnick, violin, Gabriel Nichols, viola, Maxwell Resnick, cello
• El Taut: Sophia Freed, violin, Sophia Motai, violin, Soon Lee-Tolley, viola, Layla Rafimaryeri
• Esperanza: Andre Tsou, violin, Sivan Nemirof, cello, Maximo Kim, piano
• FISH: Dvir Avnon-Klein, violin, Lauren Lee, viola, Samantha Rapkiewicz, cello, Nils Krarup, bass, Chinmay Deshpande, piano
• Neptune Trio: Maya Sheehy, violin, Andrea Tobing, cello, Nick Fanara, piano
• No Strings Attached: Jessica Wu, violin, Marina Wong, violin, Isabelle Gendron, viola, Max Milian, cello, Xiaozhou Xu, piano
• The People's Quartet: Benedikt Winzer, violin, Jack Crisan, viola, Gabe Sipe, cello, Christopher Yee, piano
• Trio M: Iris Chang, clarinet, Taegyu Ha, cello, Eugene Hong, piano
• Tunnel Trio: Robert Strauss, flute, Jack Pasacreta, bassoon, Evelyn Tomaro, piano