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The New York Youth Symphony is committed to providing workshops on topics that are useful to our students' success in their program and other areas of their lives. All workshops are free to NYYS students with the exception of the How to Audition Like a Boss! workshop.

  • New York Youth Symphony is pleased to partner with Cory Lee of the Liberated Performer to offer online mock audition bootcamps to help students prepare for their upcoming auditions. There are two options to choose from this year - both include 2 live mock auditions over Zoom with Cory, during which they will perform their excerpts, chamber and solo works, and receive written feedback. Students wishing to delve deeper into audition preparation can sign up for additional webinars. Participation in the bootcamps do not guarantee entrance into the NYYS.

    August 16-20, 2020 via Zoom

    Option 1: Mock Auditions only ($75 Registration fee)
    Sunday, August 16, 1-5pm: Mock Audition 1
    Thursday, August 20, 1-5pm: Mock Audition 2

    Option 2: Mock Auditions, plus three webinars ($125 Registration fee)
    Sunday, August 16, 6-7pm: Technical and artistic checklists, peak performance strategies
    Monday, August 17, 1-5pm: Mock Audition 1
    Tuesday August 18, 6-7pm: Anxiety management techniques, audition mindsets and perspectives of professionals
    Wednesday August 19, 1-5pm: Mock Audition 2
    Thursday, August 20, 6-7pm: Fail-safes for mistakes, last-minute practice strategies, pre-performance routines

    * If you cannot attend on the dates listed, you may submit a video by August 16 to receive feedback from Cory Lee by August 20. Details for video sharing will be included in the registration confirmation email.

    The 2020-21 workshop is sold out.