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Malachi Brown

Manager | Crescendo

Malachi Brown is a cellist and composer born and raised in Norfolk, Virginia. He has studied music composition and cello performance at Old Dominion University and Ithaca College. He is an advocate for collaboration between art mediums and is always eager to tackle a new project if it means adding his own touch. Mr. Brown has composed for the concert stage, animation, and film thus far in his career. He incorporates many combinations of styles in his music but is always rooted in a type of neo-romantic sound. “My goal is to write exactly what I hear in my head, and it’s quite a journey every time.” 

Since 2020, Mr. Brown has composed for four films, and has won multiple awards for And Don’t Forget I Love You which has premiered at five film festivals, taking home awards at three of them. Awards include: Official Selection at the Oxford Film Festival, Official Selection at the Indie Memphis Film Festival, and the Programmer’s Selection at the Huntington Beach Cultural Cinema Showcase, with a signed certificate of Top Choice Documentary Short by the Mayor of Huntington Beach. Mr. Brown is working on two films projected to release in early 2024, one of them being an animated short. In addition to composing and performing cello, Mr. Brown also acts in theatre and film. He recently starred in a Berthold Brecht play and has a web series role for later this year. He has also discovered scriptwriting, accompanying his blossoming skill in filmmaking. He currently resides in New York City. 


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