Alumni Aidan Phipps.jpg

Aidan Phipps

Bass, Season 50 | Orchestra

Aidan was a member of the Double Bass section in the NYYS Orchestra’s 50th Season. “I wanted to play in a really good Orchestra, which is how I ended up in NYYS, and I’m going to New England Conservatory next year” Aidan said.

“As far as the music goes, I don’t think I’ve disliked a single piece we’ve played. If I have to pick a favorite, it would be the Prokofiev Romeo & Juliet, just because it was so much fun to play and covers a lot of ground musically. The performance at Carnegie when we played Romeo & Juliet was incredible, because it’s been a dream of mine to play Carnegie Hall since I was probably 12. It was the second concert, but it really hit me at the end of that concert.”

“The sense of community is incredible. In most orchestras, while the orchestra manager and conductors are approachable, they put on an act of being higher than everyone else (in my experience). In NYYS, I’ve had several great conversations with the conductors and orchestra manager, and they’re always very joining and they talk to you as a person, not a minion. Speaking as a Bassist, the section really does become your family. I didn’t know any of the bassists in the section coming into this year, and now they are some of my best friends, and great people to be in a section with. Another experience I find really cool is when i’m walking down the street in NYC, if I pass someone who’s also in NYYS, if not both of us, one of us will make the connection, and one will approach the other to say hello.”

“The sectionals are really great. For the second concert, the sectional was given by a cellist from the NYC Ballet, and some of the hints and tips he gave us were eye opening, like playing col lengo on the hair, so as to not ding up your bow.”

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