Alumni Joshua Butcher.jpg

Joshua Butcher

Bassoon, Seasons 50-51 | Orchestra

I was accepted into the New York Youth Symphony in September of 2012. I heard about this orchestra from my teacher, as well as from various friends that were in the orchestra. My experience in the orchestra over the past two years has been nothing short of amazing. The faculty and conductors are relatable and possess a vast wealth of knowledge of classical music. Being a part of New York Youth Symphony has provided me with a sense of community, and it is inspiring to play amongst young musicians who are interested in nothing more than improving their musicianship. The orchestra program, as well as the chamber program, has exposed me to many types of music and playing styles. It has also given me the opportunity to play in Carnegie Hall, a place I never thought I would have the opportunity of playing at my age. The orchestra’s repertoire never remains in one period of music: It has varied from Mozart, to Strauss, to even living composers. The exposure to the challenges and joys of present day music has opened my mind to exploring all periods and genres of music. The conductor, Joshua Gersen, and assistant conductor, Harrison Hollingsworth, have styles of conducting and rehearsing that are so individually unique, yet coincide together perfectly. New York Youth Symphony has been an experience like no other, and has motivated me to become as great a musician as I possibly can.

Update, February 2016: Joshua now attends the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia, PA.

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