The Unsung: A NYYS Chamber Music Series – Episode 5

This is the fifth video in the series featuring the extraordinary chamber music of underrepresented composers. Each session highlights five composers, and today, we will share the stories and short sound bites of selections of music by composers from South America; Mozart Camargo Guarnieri, Teresa Carreño, Gabriela Lena Frank, Alberto Ginastera, and Osvaldo Golijov. Gabriela Lena Frank: The Claremont Trio Mozart Camargo Guarnieri: Quarteto Camargo Guarnieri Alberto Ginastera: Maxwell Fairman and Zi Yang Low, violins; Peirce Ellis, viola; Eena Yoon, cello Osvaldo Golijov: Sarah Frisof, flute; Jack Marquardt, clarinet; Kathleen Carter, violin; Adam Anello, bass; Sara Sitzer, cello; Dominic Johnson, viola Teresa Carreño: Camilla Heller/Joseph Roche, violins; Robert Zelnick, viola; Tamas Strasser, cello

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