The Unsung: A NYYS Chamber Music Series – Episode 7

This is the 7th video in the series featuring the extraordinary chamber music of underrepresented composers. Each session highlights 5 composers, and today, we will share the stories and short sound bits of selections of Indigenous American composers. The challenge with this session is that it is difficult to find scores and recordings of chamber music by some of these artists. We hope to inspire research and performance projects to bring these works to light. For example, Louise W. Ballard is considered the father of Native American composition, but there are few or no YouTube recordings of his chamber works. We hope that changes. On this episode we share the music of Jerod Impichchaachaaha Tate, Raven Chacon, Brent Michael Davids, George Quincy, and Dawn Avery. Jerod Impichchaachaaha Tate – Wilma Smith and Judith Eisenberg on violin, Gillian Ansell viola, Rhonda Rider cello Raven Chacon – Jesse Tatum flute, David Felberg violin, Douglas Cardwell percussion, Dana Winograd cello, James T Shields clarinet Brent Michael Davids -Idyllwild Summer Arts Chamber Orchestra, July 2011 George Quincy – The New York 5 Dawn Avery – Carlos Nakai on Native flute and Ankara String Quartet

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