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Majid Khaliq

Violin | Orchestra

“You have been accepted!” are the words that defined the start of my New York Youth Symphony experience. Getting into the NYYS, to me, was like winning the lottery. I just could not imagine that I would have the opportunity to join the ranks of some of New York’s most accomplished young musicians.
During the summer of 1991 at Interlochen Arts Camp, my friend Hilan Warshaw spoke of the existence of an elite New York based youth orchestra called the New York Youth Symphony. As a member of the NYYS, Hilan explained, that this ensemble hosted some of New York’s most extraordinary young musicians. I found out that in the prior season, the orchestra had performed the “Rite of Spring” in the world renowned Carnegie Hall. I was both intimidated and inspired to work toward an audition for the ensemble’s upcoming season. The audition came and I played a movement from the De Beriot Concerto for Violin and Orchestra as best as I could. After the audition, Maestro Samuel Wong asked me, “how much do you practice?” My response to Maestro Wong was “as much as I need to complete any piece.” Mr. Wong responded, “You will need to practice that much and more.” That’s the point where I realized that I had a lot of hard work ahead of me and that I had been accepted.
That season was extremely enriching with NYYS. As a member of the violin section, I received sectional coaching from Michael Gilbert (retired New York Philharmonic Second Violinist); I performed with famed piano soloist André Watts and had an opportunity to perform the Bartók Concerto for Orchestra at Carnegie Hall. I remember every minute of my magical time with NYYS. I was living a dream!
My time with the New York Youth Symphony decisively solidified my love for music. From that point on, I had to dedicate my every waking moment to pursuing my love and passion for creating the finest music. As a member of the NYYS, my every experience with the orchestra has contributed to my inevitable success in music. NYYS helped has me nurture a true sense of what discipline, desire and dedication are.
Thank You New York Youth Symphony for your contribution to my life.
Music Is Why I Live!

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